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For Small Groups or Individuals

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Whether you've been on this journey or just wanting to start (but don't know how and where) - of if you just need someone to walk you through the journey and would like to seek some clarity, this is the program for you.

Depending on where our conversations take us, your program journey will be personally curated just for you to help you find what you are looking for.

Everybody's journey is different and unique, yet we follow the same set of principles that are consistent for each and everybody's journey.

Click the button below to have some of your questions answered should you want to take part on this journey!



So this is not an actual therapy program, and we might actually recommend you to see a professional when it comes to facing anxiety.

However, should you be keen to try out an alternative method of handling anxiety, this would be the program for you.

Drawing from a mix of different practices (CBT, NLP, Adult Learning Models, Coaching Philosophy, etc) I have curated a framework that allows us to understand what anxiety is, how it affects us, and what are some possible practices that we can use for ourselves in order to lift ourselves in a more empowering manner.

In some cases, we have even used our "anxiety" to our advantage and help some of my clients to live their dreams!

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This is for the high achievers, looking to break their plateau! Someone who is looking to be a champion at their game / career! Someone who is looking for their next breakthrough at life!

You're constantly working on growing, constantly looking at breaking glass ceilings and personal limitations - and maybe you felt like your stuck, or just need somebody to check what blindspots you're missing out.

Maybe there are some moments of impact where you have been choking on and not being able to perform, especially when the pressure is high!

If this sounds like you, this could be what you are looking for!

In this program, we would be looking at what are your goals, where are you possibly stuck at, and you will be given personalised set of tools & mental framework to up your mental performance as well.

Sounds like a plan?

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If you feel like right now, it just doesn't seem like where you thought you should be...

Not happy with your current job... You don't feel the spark anymore with what you are doing... maybe life happened and you lost your passion for what you are currently doing?

In this journey, we will take a look at our Ikigai (Japanese concept that means "a reason for being"). The word refers to having a direction or purpose in life, that which makes one's life worthwhile, and towards which an individual takes spontaneous and willing actions giving them satisfaction and a sense of meaning to life. At the same time, possibly earning a living while doing something we love!

Maybe you're thinking of starting up a side-hustle as well, but not sure whether or not to take the jump. Or possibly even thinking about changing industries altogether because you find that there is something else calling to you, but there are challenges you need to face.

If these are some of the concerns, thoughts, or questions that you have right now, let's talk and start the conversation!

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