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Your Unbreakable Journey Starts Here

Being Unbreakable is a never ending journey, it isn't the end point - it is a lifestyle, a mindset - to which we all inherently have from birth.

The key is to identify what has been holding it back from showing itself, to recognise it, to develop it, and to finally integrate it with our daily lives - and all of us CAN DO IT.

Living Unbreakable recognises that the external world doesn't govern our internal being, rather - we become masters over our own world - ultimately, OUR OWN LIVES.

Living Unbreakable allows us to live our most authentic life, have the most fulfilling careers, & cultivate meaningful relationships that have an impact on the world around us.


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Using our Guided Mindset Assessment, we will identify your current Mindset Profile to establish a clear starting point for your journey. 

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5. Shift

Here, we will learn the Art of Mindset Shifting and practice how to shift to a form of your Unbreakable Mindset  at will. 

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Identify what are some key limiting beliefs that are holding you back from activating your Unbreakable Mindset.

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6. Chart

Once you have started living and activating your Unbreakable Mindset, we will be charting out your Unbreakable Life journey.

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3. Activators

We will learn how our limiters work and how to turn off these limiters to increase the chances of activating our Unbreakable Mindset.

Balance Exercise

7. Energy

After knowing what the road ahead looks like, we need to equip ourselves with a set of daily protocols that allow you to sustain your journey.

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4. Anchoring

From here on - we will learn how to develop strong anchors & practices to ensure sustainable minimisation of limiters & stronger activators. 


8. Integration

This session will be integrating all the learnings we have been through into a set of principles that will guide you through your next phase of your journey.


Awhile back, I made the choice to be coached on mindset shift by Scaling People Asia and so much has changed for me.

Before this, I had a lot of trouble processing how I felt and acted, but after going through 8 sessions, I feel like a changed person now. The coaching sessions was meticulously personalised to suit what you needed in order to make that shift. Every week was filled with values to be learnt and shared. The coaching sessions were transparent, vibrant, and eye opening.

I enjoyed the sessions and would recommend it to anyone. If you're looking for coaching sessions be it for your team or for personal purposes - this is the place for you!

Senior Recruitment Executive

Andrew is a one-of-a-kind coach. The one you'll remember for a long time to come. He is so very warm and approachable - with a warm smile, like him. It's infectious. His genuine care for others is commendable. I couldn't recommend him enough. I am hooked on his coaching sessions now and I can't get enough.

Insurance Agent

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