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Cute Notebooks


And also my story...

After years of experiencing growing and coaching a company and it's people, I followed a calling to really support people in their self-discovery and giving them mental tool-kits and frameworks that allows them to engage their perceived world in a way that is empowering for themselves.

The moment I decided to pursue this calling full-time was when I started with a couple of anxiety and suicidal cases in which I used these methodologies with them, and thankfully they have worked out for them.

Since then, these methodologies continue to be working with the clients that I've worked with and we continue to improve & refine further these methodologies as well!

Moving forward, our mission for setting this organisation up is to ensure that everyone in Asia has the opportunity to be coached, so that they may live their lives to their fullest potential. 

Our vision is that maybe one day through our mission, we have allowed someone legendary like Mother Theresa, or Mahatma Ghandi to come through and shine the light for others for generations to come.

The Mission: About
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