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  • Eng Hong Ng

#MeetingHack - 3 Tips on how to build Empathetical Awareness in Meetings

One of the most effective way to start any meeting is by getting everybody mentally & emotionally present. Here are 3 ways how to:

#1 Check-In Emotionally

How we do this is by always starting off meetings by "Checking-In Emotionally" so that the room has a sense of the team's "emotional temperature" - so that we are aware of certain emotions when we are in the meeting, and maybe these feelings might give us a clue of what we might need to address during the meetings.

#2 Setting Personal Intentions & Desired Outcomes

Another effective way to get the pulse of the room is to get a feel of what the room intends to achieve during this meeting. This gives focus and relevance of the meeting, so that if a meeting topic goes off tangent or out of relevance, this can be outwardly addressed.

#3 The permission to exit or move around if someone isn't present.

Finally, if someone isn't truly present in the meeting - it's not gonna be of any help for both parties. So give permission to leave the room, or to move around the room (for those restless people) in order to prioritise presence during the meeting. We don't want to waste anybody's time - even for the presenter.

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