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  • Eng Hong Ng

The 1 thing stops me from killing people at management meetings!


Imagine going into a meeting fully prepared, feeling excited for all the possible new ideas and action steps that the team is going to undertake that is going to be a game-changer for the company - or even the industry itself, and your team will be the one leading the pack!

As everyone is fully seated, you run through your opening pitch to share your vigour on how you see the team is going to grow that you needed the team to brainstorm together on the latest action steps so that everyone can reap the benefits together, and of course, you can't do it alone.

Ending your presentation on a high note, you seek feedback and questions from the team.

...DEAD SILENCE. (some are already on their phone secretly texting, and you can see the guy in the corner fluttering his eyes trying to stay awake)

You feel the rage coming from within, after all the effort you've put into this - you are met with disengagement with the team. There's a raging fire that is burning inside of you and as it comes out - all of our past trainings on presentation skills, emotional intelligence, & leadership goes right out the window - as we start our verbal barrage...

How do we stop this from happening?


Why was our team feeling this way? (disengaged, not interested, distracted)

Was it because of something they did?

Was it because of something I did or have been doing?

Was there something else more important?

Was there a lack of belief of what's going on?

Ultimately, if we are even asking this question - that means we haven't really connected with our colleagues on a deeper level.

When you and your team are really empathetically aware of each other's current state of feelings & slight nuances - we are able to engage each other on a deeper level, thus creating a healthy space for a cohesive team to function.

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